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Natural Lift Set w/Fan Brush & Mixing Jar


A complete set - everything you need for the Natural Lift Masque treatment, an organic, protein-based mask that provides intense stimulation for facial muscles.  Set includes: Natural Lift Tonic, Natural Lift Masque, Rhonda Allison Fan Brush, and Mixing Jar.

Derma Peel

1.7oz./$38 OR 0.5oz./$15

Derma Peel is a papaya and pineapple gel-based enzyme that has a unique ability to liquefy and then bond together to form a natural granular exfoliation that leaves skin feeling soft, polished, and refreshed. Derma Peel provides a safe, gentle surface exfoliation for anyone needing to remove surface build-up; may be used weekly or bi-weekly for home application.

Papaya Tangerine Enzyme

1.7oz./$52 OR 0.5oz./$15

This gentle mixture of milk protein, papaya and tangerine softens skin and sloughs away dead skin cells, leaving skin polished, silky and hydrated. A versatile formula with a light tangerine aroma that may be used as a base to mix with other enzymes or masks, alone for a creamy enzyme mask or as part of a pre- or post-care regimen. The possibilities are endless. Offering great support for all technologies, it is the perfect all-round enzyme.

Skin Brightening Enzyme

1.7oz./$48 OR 0.5oz./$15

An active enzyme boosted with potent skin brighteners. By blending active enzymes and supportive brightening ingredients from various acids, Skin Brightening Enzyme softens and digests unwanted skin, supporting the brightening of surface pigment.

Cherry Jubilee Enzyme

1.7oz./$52 OR 0.5oz./$15

Cherry Jubilee is a potent antioxidant rejuvenator.  Anyone is sure to “ooh and ahh” over the enticing cherry aroma, and enjoy the healthy glow the cherry enzymes leave on the skin. The primary benefit of this enzyme is the natural polyphenols (flavanoids) that are incredibly rich in antioxidants. This formula contains potent pro-youth value that mimics the strength of lactic acid and helps provide gentle exfoliation, giving skin a radiant glow and a younger, more healthy-looking appearance.

Pumpkin Parfait Enzyme

1.7oz./$52 OR 0.5oz./$17

This weekly home care mask is the perfect mask for normal to oily skin. The delicious pumpkin pie aroma is pleasing to the senses while active vegetable enzymes polish and buff the skin for a radiant, youthful glow. Mimicking glycolic acid properties, this pro-collagen enzyme reduces surface build-up and provides antioxidant support.

Milk Mask

1.7oz./$42 OR 0.5oz./$12

Milk Mask is formulated from 100% pure milk protein to provide necessary nutrients to the skin following laser and other types of skin resurfacing. The creamy, soft texture and vanilla scent add to the important benefits that pure milk provides. Keep slightly chilled for soothing hydration or use at home as part of a weekly maintenance regimen or to support skin following a peel. Milk Mask is appropriate for all skin types.

Grape Seed Parfait Mask

1.7oz./$42 OR 0.5oz./$12

Grape Seed Parfait Mask is a whipped blend of grape seed extracts and essential oils. The thick mixture appears dry, but when applied to freshly cleansed skin, spreads like creamy butter. Formulated as a finishing mask at the end of a skin treatment, Grape Seed Parfait Mask is wonderful to use as part of a weekly home care maintenance facial.  It partners beautifully with the Grape Seed Hydrating Serum and Blushed Wine Gel. Besides giving skin much needed antioxidants, this soothing mask also leaves skin fresh and soft.

Natural Lift Masque


The Natural Lift Masque is a botanical mixture that provides intense stimulation for facial muscles. Continual monthly treatments help improve the appearance of sagging skin problems and scarring associated with adolescent and/or adult blemishes. For use with Natural Lift Tonic, a skin firming complex that acts as a catalyst to activate the masque.

Natural Lift Tonic


Natural Lift Tonic is great for all skin types, especially those with loss of elasticity and muscle tone. Formulated with high-quality "cold stabilized" pure aloe vera, retinyl palmitate (vitamin A), AHAs and a superior advanced moisture complex, this skin firming toner is ideal for all skin types, even blemished, adding natural moisture to kick-start rejuvenation. May also be used to activate our Natural Lift Masque.

Wasabi Mask

1.7oz./$42 OR 0.5oz./$12

Skin will wake up with the support of this stimulating wasabi mask, providing potent antioxidant support, purifying benefits and much needed hydration. Great for all skin types especially sluggish, oily, problematic, rosacea skins.

Perfection Clay

1.7oz./$42 OR 0.5oz./$15

A detox mask that tightens and tones while supporting blemished skin, balancing excess oil, smoothing coarse texture and refining pores in addition to helping the appearance of pebbled congestion on the skin. Great for very oily, blemish-prone, impure skin, this unique mask delivers sheer perfection to the skin. May have a mild stinging sensation when first applied to skin.

Chocolate Antioxidant Mask


Enhancing the sensations of feel and smell, Chocolate Antioxidant Mask will bathe skin in antioxidant support. Its pleasant scent of chocolate and its stimulating sensation as it works on the skin results in a nurturing experience, rejuvenating, replenishing and revitalizing depleted skins.

Cacti Mud Mask


The earthy essence of RA for Men’s Cacti Mud Mask takes skin to a whole new level – the natural exfoliating action of purified oligosaccharides reduces cellular cohesion for smoother, softer skin while vitamins, minerals and amino acids fortify the skin for balanced strength and hydration. This unique mask will fast become a favorite.