I became an esthetician ‘for fun,’ but really to fix my own face. I’ve always had ‘problem skin.’ I’ve had acne since my teenage years. At the age of 18 I went on Accutane (which was miserable due to the side effects!). Accutane works great for a lot of people. Unfortunately, I was not one of them. By at least two years after I had completed the Accutane course of treatment, you would never have known that I had ever taken it.

I tried various products; probably any acne product I heard of. ProActive made me worse.

Acne is awful to deal with. I remember being in a grocery store in my 20s and a strange man approached me commenting about my acne. In a weird feigned accent (I believe) he asked me why I wasn’t using ProActive (It was when the movie ‘Borat’ was new. Remember that one? He sounded like the character Borat. I will never forget him). I was mortified! Apparently it was NOT apparent on the outside that I was trying every conceivable means (that I knew of) to rid myself of cystic acne.

The only thing that really made my acne look better was getting a tan (or so I thought). Enter skin cancer in my early 30s. There went my tan (which now I’m happy that at least SOMETHING stopped me from continuing to fry myself and age faster!). Accepting that I had to be a ‘pale person’ was pretty difficult for me, haha.

Oh, and I haven’t mentioned all the dermatologist trips. So many topical medications and antibiotics over the years. Nothing really ‘worked;’ though some made things better. For a period of time. A new dermatologist would prescribe me something I had been on when I was, say, 15 years old. I’d say that and they’d let me know I should ‘try it again.’ Not to mention the amount of attention my acne received from dermatologists after my skin cancer diagnosis (it was little to none)! The focus was always the history of skin cancer, which is great because that is what will keep me alive…. “But what about my acne?!?”

These are the reasons I went to school to become an esthetician. Because I felt like nothing was working and no one was helping me.

Note: I do think dermatologists are great and I have since been seeing a new one who listens much better! :D

What does all of this mean for you? Hopefully your experience will be that I will listen to you and your concerns. If you have acne; I feel you. It sucks. And it’s painful emotionally and physically. If you are concerned about aging; me too. It sucks! Let’s fight it! …as best we can. If you have other concerns, well let’s tackle those too.

I like progressive treatments that get results. I hear I’m pretty good at the relaxation portion of the facial as well. I’ve been told many times I have “magic hands.” Well, thank you!

Oh, and what finally worked for my acne? Honestly, it was the education and peels/products provided by the Face Reality Acne Clinic in California. Even when I was in school for esthetics, I’d ask if something was ‘acne safe;’ they would assure me that it was….but there I was all broken out ridiculously. Now I know what ingredients to avoid (which has been a game-changer). Now I seek to bring effective treatments and amazing products out to you (Elle Esthetics exclusive products coming soon!).

Elle Esthetics, LLC was newly founded in 2016 by Licensed Esthetician Ellen Johnson. Ellen takes the time to know your skin and set up the right treatment plan to help you achieve the results you desire. She offers corrective facial treatments for acne, hyperpigmentation, rosacea and aging skin. The goal is that you feel comfortable throughout your experience, educated by the discussions had with your esthetician and blown away by the results you receive under Ellen’s care.

The established goal at Elle Esthetics is to help people, whether that takes place through: lending a listening ear as you discuss your life and get pampered with a relaxing facial treatment, helping people in the community through service and ministry, providing education about sun damage and prevention, or improving an overall appearance.