Facial Upgrades

Facial upgrades are a fun way to personalize your experience as well as try different treatment modalities. It's a fun way to explore what you may like and you don't have to make a big financial commitment! (I always like to sample anything fun that's available to me for a reasonable price!) 

1 Layer Chemical Peel $15

We have a couple different options with this: 

1) We can add the peel layer to your skin during the portion that you are receiving the facial massage. That way the self-neutralizing peel will remain on your skin for about 15 minutes f(instead of the recommended 6 hours), so you can still get some of the benefits of a chemical peel, without having to worry about peeling or temporary dryness.

2) We can put the single peel layer on at the end for you to wear home. It is recommended to leave this on for at least six hours for full benefit. This is not a full-strength peel, but you will still get some benefits of a chemical peel without committing to very much dryness and/or peeling (note: everyone's skin reacts a little differently. Some people may peel while some people may not).

Ultrasonic Skin Spatula $15 

The Sonophoresis treatment uses ultrasound waves to increase the permeability of your skin, helping the effective absorption of serums in the epidermis and dermis. Utilized at the end of the facial and recommended to not wash your skin for a few hours (as with ANY facial so all the good ingredients soak in!).

High Frequency $15 

During the high frequency wand treatment enriched oxygen molecules are produced which have an anti-bacterial action as well as a "natural" thermal tissue warming. That reaction causes a natural contraction of underlying blood vessels and in tiny muscle groups which push away toxins, while the cells in your skin are enriched with nutrients and hydrating volume. This in turn creates an increase in blood circulation and cell renewal that aids in the support of increased levels of collagen and elastin. When applied to the surface of the skin, a mild electrical current passes through the neon or argon gas filled glass electrode causing it to submit a subtle glow and buzzing noise. High frequency treatments kill bacteria and reduce inflammation, hence the acne-fighting benefits.

Skin Lightening Peel Spot Treatment - $10+ (dependent on size of treatment area)

Blue/Red LED Treatment $15

Chemical Peel on Chest or Hands $20

Do both the chest and the hands for $35!

Oxygen Infusion $25

An excellent addition to any resurfacing procedure, oxygen treatment cools and hydrates the skin. The oxygen acts as a delivery system of our anti-inflammatory serum. The skin will literally glow from the intense hydration. Ideal for soothing irritated skin or when skin needs a visible boost.

Microdermabrasion (3 passes of the device on the skin) $30

Microdermabrasion is a facial procedure that uses manual exfoliation to remove the outer layer of skin. This process works in a series to achieve the best results in order to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, acne scars, sun damage, and even out the skin tone. We use a diamond-tipped wand to abrade the surface of your skin. Microdermabrasion is a safe and gentle procedure with no downtime, yet you may experience mild redness and sloughing/peeling. Three passes means that the wand will pass over the full surface of your face at least three times.

Add chest or hands for $10. These areas are common areas for sun exposure/damage. 

Hydrafacial Dermabrasion (2 passes) $30

Add Mask/Massage $30

Add mask and massage of decollete/face and arm massage to any service in which it is not already included.  

Add Full-strength Chemical Peel to any facial $30

Rezenerate 'Nanofill' Hydrating Eye Contour Treatment $35

This service focuses on the crow’s feet, dark circles, puffiness, and crepiness of the delicate eye area skin.  The Rezenerate Nanofacial wand provides both hydration infusion as well as exfoliation for the eye contour and is safe to go up to nearly the lash line, resulting in better circulation and more hydrated skin. Followed with cooling and hydrating gel eye masks.

Nanofill Lip Plumping Treatment $25

This stimulating hydration infusion lip plumping treatment is designed to infuse the lips with the ultimate hydration and collagen induction therapy at the same time! Resulting in fuller plumper lips! Followed with cooling and hydrating gel mask for the lips.

Do both the lips and eyes for $50

Add-on Dermaplaning $65

Note: Facial upgrades may or may not effect the length of your facial. These treatments are intended to add on to another treatment and are not 'stand alone' treatments.